Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Until Next Time

It feels like yesterday that I was writing my first post for this blog. And packing. I hate packing. Such a boring occupation. My room is beginning to look bare and I dislike it. Why must I leave? Can I stay here?

It wasn't until writing this blog that I realized just how choppy my internal monologue is. I wonder if that says anything about my personality?
On another note, in addition to learning about my inner monologue, I have learned that I can successfully survive on my own in a foreign country, that making friends is easier than I thought, and that comparing names/expressions for things is utterly fascinating. For example, 'ouf' in France means the same as 'phew' in the US. Who knew?!

Anywhooo, my time in Ireland has come to a close. I leave for the UK in one week. As people begin to pack up and leave sunny Ireland (yes, the sun does shine here!), I have begun to realize just how much I have enjoyed myself here. So, without further ado...

Good bye Ireland! Until next time!

I love walking down little alleys as you never know what you will find
Almost Mansfield Park, but not quite
Photo cred: Mathilde
I made a friend! (photo credit: Mathilde)
It may not be the Caribbean, but at least it is the ocean!

The Irish are so student-friendly haha! 

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