Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Travel Blogging...been there, done that

I resisted creating a blog. I did! I promise. Every time someone goes on an extended trip, it is inevitable that they will create a travel blog to document their trip. By no means am I a hipster, but breaking down and conforming to social norms (i.e.creating a blog) went against my very core. However after analyzing my options...I decided blogging may be the better option after all.

Option 1:
I could reopen my Instagram account to post photos of all the yummy meals I will eat, of all the castles I will visit, and I don't know... maybe a few ducks in a park. However, my photography skills are less than admirable so that was out the window.

Option 2:
I could Tweet everything. This option was considered for less than 1.555667 seconds. Who wants to document their travels in 140 characters or less? A trip to Dublin would turn into a hashtag frenzy. #beer #rain #waterinmysocks #holycowtheaccents #momlookwhatimdoing etc. etc. No one wants to see that!

Option 3:
Facebook. While a viable option, it limits my audience (I am a vain person...I like to think people across the globe will find my ramblings amusing).

Option 4:
Suck up and start a blog.

So here I am...blogging. Don't judge me... As the common internet phrase goes, haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.

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