Saturday, January 23, 2016

Butter, Churches, and Rain

I've been in Cork for about four days now. So far I have been enjoying myself immensely. My schedule has developed into going out in the mornings before the afternoon mizzle (a mixture of drizzling and mist :P). In the afternoons, I usually take a nap and then try to decide whether to go for another walk or stay in and Netflix and Chill (get your mind out of the gutter people...when I say chill, I mean chill).

I have been exploring Cork the last few times I venture into town. Today I pushed past the City Centre (mostly little shops, bars, and clothing stores) and walked over the river and up to Shandon. I happened across the Cork Butter Museum, which as you can imagine, is all about butter and dairy goods. For 3 euros* I was able to get out of the rain and learn about Ireland's dairy history. A very good deal in my opinion!

From there I walked up the street to Saint Anne's Church and Shandon Bell Tower. It costs money to enter the tower, but the church itself is free and very beautiful. From there I wondered around a bit until I reached the Saint Mary and Saint Anne's Cathedral. I am not positive, but I think it is a newer church than Saint Anne's.

Due to becoming drenched, I decided to cut my exploring short. All in all though, Cork is a fun place to explore so far. I am hoping to see even more the longer I am here:).

*Student admission price. Regular admission was 5 euros if I recall.

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