Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Whole New World....

Houston, we have landed! I am currently en route to Cork!

Here are some thoughts that have run through my head in the last few hours....

*plane takes off* "Oh Gawd, I'm gonna die. This is it."

*plane flies over nighttime Boston* "Oh Gawd,.. have I died?" The view from the plan was Ah-freaking-mazing. I would buy plane tickets at night all the time if I could afford it just to see the lights twinkling below.

*gets to seat on plane* "Look! Leg room!"

All that aside, my trip is going very well so far. Ireland is beautiful, but I expected no less. Looking out the window right now, Ireland reminds me of Easter in Maine. Which almost always meant crisp mornings, birds chirping, fresh and bright green grass... it is one of the best sight/smell/sound combinations on this earth in my opinion.

Right now, my plan is to post once or twice every week or two. Stay tuned everyone! I'll see if I can cook up some sort of adventure for you all to read about :P.


  1. So glad you arrived safely!!!Don't forget to have some fun too. Love ya

  2. Well, this sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Enjoy it. How long will you be in Ireland?

  3. Glad you are doing this. In case you forget your mom I know where to find you.Love and miss you already.

  4. Love the pictures out and about Ireland....In the picture of the town there is something that runs in the road, is that a track or a gutter? Just curious. Sonya