Monday, March 7, 2016


In the last few weeks, I've heard a lot about stereotypes in my cultural classes. However,  I've also been learning about them outside of class. Some of them I've heard (the Swiss are always on time, Germans always make good stuff) while others are completely new to me (Brazilians are supposedly known for ahem, collecting items not previously in their possession, etc etc.). Now, obviously one shouldn't pay attention to stereotypes like that (there is a reason they are called stereotypes after all), however, I have always found these cultural perceptions to be fascinating. Yet, for some reason, I never once thought what others might think of Americans prior to coming to Ireland.

Sure, you hear the stuff on Tumblr about 'Murica, and how all Americans have pet eagles, or how we throw our tea in the harbor, but none of that you take seriously, right?? That's what I thought, until my first several weeks here when a fellow student wanted to know if I normally have a pistol on my hip when I'm in the US. To clear things up...I don't. I leave that to my brothers.

Stereotypes can be fascinating, as long as you don't fall into the trap of believing them. Not all Germans make good things, not every Swiss can be infallibly on time, and most definitely not every Brazilian steal things (this seems to be a universal trait).

This is probably the most important lessen I am learning while in Ireland surrounded by all these amazing cultures. Finnish, French, Irish, German, Brazilian, Czech, Dutch, please correct me if I am leaving anyone out! So many different ideas, and ways of doing things! I say Reese's (Ree-Cee's), they say (Ree-Says). Now, it is probably just me pronouncing it wrong, but to save face I told them it is pronounced Ree-Cee's :P.

*I claim no rights to this image, and hopefully I don't get in trouble for having this here...

International Student Ball! (P.S...I dance like a madwoman, but I have fun so that is fine:P)

Blackrock Observatory, Cork

Can anyone spot the rainbow? 

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  1. I don't know if anyone else has responded to any of your posts, but I wanted to agree on your pronunciation of Reese's!! It is Ree-Cee's lol Your blog is amazing by the way :)