Thursday, February 25, 2016

Brussels, Orange is the New Black, and Meeting New People

Well, its official. I am terrible at keeping deadlines on blogs. I was supposed to upload this post earlier in the week, however my roommate got me hooked on Orange is the New Black so I've been slightly busy...

Prior to this week's binge watching adventure, I went to Brussels with a group of International Business students from CIT! Before you all grumble in jealousy, the week was considered a full college credit class, so it wasn't all fun and games (though fun and games were had).

During the week we met the Irish Ambassador for Belgium, and a few MEP's for Ireland. We also visited the European Parliament and Commission, and had tours of IMEC, and the Audi Factory. The first day of the week consisted of lectures on the European Union Decision Making Processes, an introduction to the differences in the Belgian Linguistic and Cultural Divide, as well as a look at Cross-Cultural Marketing Strategies. As you can see, the week was very busy! I loved every minute of it!

My favorite part of the trip though was not the tours or lectures, but it was getting a chance to spend time with Irish students. As an International Student, it can be very easy to just socialize with the International Student body, so it was nice to make friends with some Irish students. It is true though what they say about the Irish, they are truly some of the nicest people around. They know how to make you feel at home!

Some pictures of my Belgium Trip:
Belgium Chocolate!

The City Hall in Leuven, Belgium


  1. Your blog's are too short. I want to keep reading. Glad you had fun.

  2. Your blog's are too short. I want to keep reading. Glad you had fun.